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Surveillance systems in retail establishments are becoming more necessary in our tough economy.  Surveillance systems can protect your property and liability in the event of break-ins, employee or customer theft, and “slip-and-fall” liability situations.

Whether you are a small retail store or a large-chain retailer, ADS can design the camera system that will meet all of your needs.  With the visibility of your new system to everyone that enters your store, you will deter the majority of thefts and property crimes from occurring on your property.

Benefits Include:

  • Remote Access.  Access, monitor, and control you camera system via your smartphone/tablet/PDA or anywhere you can access the internet worldwide.
  • Easy File Search.  The camera systems can be easily searched to locate the incident you need and download the footage to any storage device.
  • Law Enforcement Friendly. Our systems provide video files that our easily transferred to removable disks and admissible in court.

Our company is on the cutting edge of surveillance technology to help protect your business.  Our professional installation teams will provide you with thorough training and answer all your questions. We are standing by to assist you with your video surveillance needs. Contact us today for a FREE site survey and estimate at 214-260-3253 or 800-241-0163.